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COVID-19 Update

We are here for you!

During this difficult time, CWPA therapists want you to know that we are continuing to provide psychological services and support by video conference.

The physical separation required by “social distancing” does not need to equate to being psychologically distant.

During the pandemic, it is important for our mental health to be as psychologically connected as possible to help ameliorate the strain of necessary physical separation. Consider calling or video conferencing with neighbors, friends or family once or twice a day. Include conversation about subjects other than the pandemic. While it’s fine to ask, “How are you doing?...” talk about other subjects as well: TV programs you are watching, a book you like or recall pleasant memories from the past.

And, if you would like to speak with a therapist, please give us a call.

Bob Sheavly, LICSW, DCSW
Central Washington Psychotherapy Associates

Central Washington Psychotherapy Associates (CWPA) is an association of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts which provides a broad spectrum of psychotherapy and mental health wellness services. Our offices are located in Northwest Washington, DC in Dupont Circle and Woodley Park; in Bethesda and Takoma Park, MD; and in Alexandria, VA. Regardless if you are seeking coaching or short-term counseling for a specific issue, traditional psychotherapy, therapy for your child, or even depth psychoanalysis, we have skilled psychotherapists who will help you meet your goals. Where psychological testing or psychopharmacology (i.e. medication management) services are indicated, the psychologists and psychiatrists in our referral network, which are some of the best in the city, are exceptionally qualified.

Psychotherapy assessment services are available

For those considering therapy for the first time, determining what services you want and which therapist to work with, can be a challenging decision. You can use the rich information on this site and the links to other quality sources of mental health information on the web for a starter. You will especially want to read our page How to Choose a Psychotherapist. Most importantly, Robert Sheavly, LICSW, DCSW, the Director of CWPA, is available to you for consultation. He would be happy to discuss your psychotherapy needs with you and help determine how to best proceed. An initial phone consultation is offered free of charge.

Treatment modalities and services

As an association of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, we offer a wide variety of treatment modalities and areas of specialization. Issues such as depression, anxiety, life transition, grief and loss, addictions and compulsions, recovery, phobias, trauma, sexual satisfaction, exploring a gay, lesbian or bisexual sexual orientation, life style issues, couples or marital counseling, career counseling and spirituality are just a few of those many specializations. You will find the areas of specialization listed on the biographical information page for each of our psychotherapists. There you will also be able to read about their unique treatment philosophy. Several of our psychotherapists have also received the extensive and demanding postgraduate training necessary to be credentialed as a psychoanalyst. If you are curious about the rewards of this intensive form of therapy, you might want to read, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Counseling: What's the Difference?


Regardless of individual differences in treatment philosophy, all of our psychotherapists ascribe to core beliefs including:

Most of the CWPA psychotherapists and those in our referral network also have been influenced by the work of C. G. Jung, the great Swiss psychoanalyst. You may want to read a bit about Jungian Psychology, Dr. Jung and the profound influence of his work on the field of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

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Please enjoy browsing our site. Psychotherapy is often hard work; quick fixes are not effective in the long term. However change, growth and satisfaction in life are possible. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We're here to help. Someone will call you back, sometimes within minutes, always as soon as possible.

– Robert Sheavly, LICSW, DCSW By Robert Sheavly

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