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Jim Weinstein, MBA, MFT

Life Consultant

I believe that the best answer to my clients' problems lies within them. Accordingly, I see my primary role as being a facilitator of conversations that help my clients tap into their uniquely valuable life experiences and wisdom. The objectivity and years of experience I bring to this process enable me to see patterns or blocks to progress that are often invisible to clients whose deep personal involvement may make them unable to ”see the forest for the trees.“ And my unusual combination of business and clinical background allows me to help formulate solutions to a wide range of situations.

I offer a creative and strategically-oriented mind, the action orientation of a life coach, and the objective insights of a good psychotherapist. I am not wedded to any particular method, but formulate an approach that will resonate best with my client.

My unique background (a Harvard MBA and highly successful 20 year business career, prior to becoming a licensed therapist) helps me provide my clients with unusually practical, actionable solutions to their problems.

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Phone: 202.232.4900
Email: Inquiry@DCPsychotherapy.com
Web: www.dclifecounseling.com

Dupont Circle
1633 Q Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20009


My psychotherapeutic modalities included Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I work with adolescents, adults, elders and couples. My specialties include:


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