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Spence Porter, LICSW, LCSW-C, L.Ac.


I have over twenty years experience as a psychotherapist working in private practice. I have also been a practicing acupuncturist for over thirty years. Working as a practitioner, teacher and clinical supervisor in both these fields, I have experienced and have respect for the dynamics involved in balancing the energies of heart, mind, and body in the service of improving my patients' quality of life.

Whether you are coping with anxiety, depression, addictive patterns, the challenges of relationships, the intrusions of trauma, the poignancies of loss, a health crisis, or a crisis of faith, the psychotherapy process provides a reliable time and place where caring attention can assist you through transitions towards improved overall health. The fundamental nature of the way I work is to help you tap into your own inner resources, and thereby strengthen your capacity for living life in a meaningful way.

Both my personal and professional lives have produced the practical awareness that every problem contains the seeds of its own resolution. My role as a psychotherapist in our sessions is to remain watchful for these forgotten, misplaced, trapped or neglected ”seeds“ of your nature. Dream images, art therapy, body (phenomenological) awareness, and Gestalt work, all give both vitality and direction to the work. They also help to sustain and activate your life in a positive fashion beyond the therapy hour.

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My psychotherapeutic orientation includes mind/body integration, energetic psychotherapy and I work from a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic focus with a Jungian perspective. I integrate acupuncture principles of balance, blockage and flow into my practice of psychotherapy. I work with adolescents, adults, elders and couples. My specialities include:

I have worked successfully with:

I welcome people of all races, sexual orientation, and country of origin.

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